I like church music. Really I do. But I have a problem, especially with worship leaders in our modern-day church. Their music is quite beautiful but it is a certain ideology they carry and propagate that I have an issue with.

A typical worship leader after being called to minister would take the altar (or podium as the case may be) and lead the people of God in songs of worship and praise. But before then, they close their eyes and say quite seriously, Continue reading



Our world today is now being dominated largely by things. Sleek, advanced, highly intelligent things. Things that control our lives. What we buy, who we meet, how we think, even the jobs we do. Things that we clutch tight and use both for gain and evil. Information Communication Technologies (ICTs), defined as any communication device or application, encompassing: radio, television, cellular phones, computer and network hardware and software, satellite systems and so on, as well as the various services and applications associated with them. Continue reading


Life is short. Our life is a transient journey that all but fades completely after we’re gone. Like mist caught in a glass, fading out as the sun gently shines on it is human life.

Life is in phases – as the times of a day – morning, afternoon and evening, it gently breezes past us while we’re unaware of just how fast time runs; one phase imperceptibly rolling into another. Yet, the afternoon is when men work, because the night comes when no man can work. Continue reading